21Dukes Casino – you can play in totally different ways

Every day there are different things going on in the world, which in principle can be bet on in different ways. This applies not only to sporting events, but also to political elections, TV shows and the like. This is exactly what provider https://21dukescasinoonline.com/ has used as an opportunity to create a very special bitcoin betting portfolio. This is due to the fact that bets are placed not only on sporting events but, in our experience, on all kinds of other markets as well. What exactly this means and whether this provider with its vibrant portfolio can be called serious, we will now show in detail below in our test from fairlay.com.

An important note to start with: there are certainly still some questionable providers in the bitcoin betting industry. However, 21Dukes Casino is not one of them, because the betting provider can be described as serious for a variety of reasons. The strongest of them: the provider itself has nothing to do with customer betting. Only the platform is provided here, with the betting provider betting against other tipsters.

21Dukes Casino: In a very clear framework

21Dukes Casino presents its sports and betting options in clear menus, most of which are already available on the website. The fact that customers are betting against each other here also ensures that things run smoothly at all times. There are betting offers in all areas, some of which can be very good.

The regulator should not interfere at this stage, after all, 21Dukes Casino does not make any bets itself, but only provides the platform. In addition, a high level of security is guaranteed by the fact that payments can only be processed using bitcoins. And these payments are known to be secure in every respect. By the way: customers can not only submit their sports bets to the bookmaker in the pre-match markets before the event. A large live portfolio is also available, so that bets can also be placed during current events.

It does not matter what currency the sports betting is done in, or in bitcoins: Every customer wants to be able to rely on their provider that everything is going well and that potential winnings are actually being paid out. Negative customer experiences at 21Dukes Casino have yet to show up in this context, which can be characterised as a real indication of a serious approach to operations. Customer fraud can be ruled out in any case, as the betting office only provides a basis for betting on sports.

According to our test conducted by 21Dukes Casino, it should also be noted that the fees incurred can be transparently reported on the website. This means that every customer can find out about possible charges even before registering. And it also speaks clearly against fraud with 21Dukes Casino.

21Dukes Casino – you can play against each other

Products such as poker or casino games are not included in the provider’s portfolio. Nevertheless, the offer cannot be called typical for a betting provider, as customers bet against each other. According to our test, the provider itself only provides the platform and leaves a small fee for doing so. Advantage: Compared to the usual fixed odds at a bitcoin betting provider, the winnings at 21Dukes Casino are usually slightly higher.

In our experience with 21Dukes Casino, sports betting clearly plays a leading role in the offering, after all, this is where most customers place their bets. Nevertheless, the portfolio has a lot to offer and is no longer just for sports betting enthusiasts. In the news area, for example, you can bet on a variety of ‘news’ markets. This means social and political events, including the next chancellor’s election in Australia or the US presidential election. However, this category is also divided into several sub-categories. For example, you can bet on various NBA awards, Bitcoin or other stock events or entertainment events. For all those not involved in sports, this part of the portfolio is extremely interesting. There is also a category called “Entertainment” where you can bet on different games from the provider. Typically, dice games are organised here, in which customers then have to bet on a certain number of eyes or points.