Woo Casino – when it comes to gaming

When it comes to online casinos and gambling in general, security and regulation are very important factors. No wonder, as what customer would want to play with a dubious provider? This is where a valid gaming licence comes into play, woo casino login has a valid gaming licence in Malta. The licence has been issued by the MGA, the Malta Gambling Authority. It is one of the largest gambling establishments in the world. Several providers are already licensed by it.

For a provider to get such a licence at all, it has to prove that you can actually play with it safely and seriously. Several points are asked. For example, about the fair play factor. The customer must not be at a ‘disadvantage’ beyond the usual home advantage. In order for the games to really run at random, there is what is known as a RNG (Random Number Generator). This is a software random number generator which produces random results. This point is extremely important in casino licensing and is also taken very seriously by the authorities. If a provider doesn’t act according to the requirements, they won’t get a licence. The same happens when certain data is insecure. A lot of sensitive data is transmitted when registering or entering bank details. Imagine this data falling into the wrong hands. The damage would be enormous. For this reason, the data must be encrypted in a modern and secure way when it is entered and transmitted to the server. Providers must demonstrate high standards here. If there are problems here, the provider will not have a license either.

Woo Casino: what the provider’s characteristics show

Support and customer service are also important features of a provider. Because no matter how good or bad the offer may be, good customer service must be available to support the client and help them with such issues. Woo Casino’s experience shows that the supplier cannot shine in this matter. As customer service offers only one option for contact: a contact form. There is no phone number or live chat. It’s a shame, because there is, compared to other providers, a huge scope for improvement here. If you want to find out about certain things yourself and in advance, you can do so with a fairly extensive FAQ area. Many popular topics are covered here. These could be topics related to your account, payment methods or technical questions. Under certain circumstances, personal contact with the support team is no longer required after viewing this section of frequently asked questions.

Woo Casino – The site itself is pretty self-explanatory

The customer can get to almost anywhere easily. Both beginners and experienced visitors to the site are not confronted with any unsolvable problems. It’s also nice that the page isn’t cluttered with a series of banners or buttons, as is the case with many casino providers. The games carousel is a feature you don’t see every day as a customer. Here, like a carousel, the buyer can move from game to game without changing the category.

The mobile app, or a range of mobile games in general, is actually a popular addition at almost all online casinos these days. The reason is clear: the customer would also like to play independently from their desktop or laptop. Unfortunately, Woo Casino does not have a mobile app that can be used to access the relevant offerings. At the very least, Apple users should have trouble accessing the games when they visit the site via their mobile browser. The reason: games need Flash. It’s well known that Apple and Flash don’t necessarily have an affair. So Apple users are likely to look up the tube here.